Tube Trips

Tube Trips

All Tube Trips $25.00
Cooler Carrier Tube $10.00
Times are approximate and may vary depending on experience, paddling/stopping, and water level/flow.

Island Ford to River Run
Mile #16 to #18
2 miles
2 to 3 hours
Younger children not recommended. Enjoy the famous Compton Rapids (Class II/III) mixed with slower, calm water with a few ripples, scenic rock cliffs and wildlife.

River Run to Carvell
Mile #18 to #20.5
2.5 miles
2 to 3 hours
A fun float for families. Nice mixture of calm water with several areas of ripples to add some excitement.

Island Ford to Carvell
Mile #16 to #20.5
4.5 miles
3.5 to 4.5 hours
Younger children not recommend. Includes the famous Compton Rapids (Class II/III); slower, calm water along with a few ripples, scenic rock cliffs and wildlife. If you are camping at River Run Campground, this float can be done as a 2-day float for $40. Equipment will be picked up at your campsite after part one of the float for daily maintenance and returned to you the next day so you can finish your trip.

Bentonville to Andy Guest State Park
Mile #28 to #31.5
3.5 miles
3 to 4 hours
Nice family float with some ripples. Float alongside the State Park.
Must have a minimum of 10 people to book this trip.

Replacement Fees

(Lost, Stolen, Damaged Equipment)

Canoe $500.00
Kayak $250.00
Kayak Paddle $30.00
Canoe Paddle $15.00

Life Vest $10.00
Tube (44”) $28.00
Tube (38”) $24.00

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