Shuttle Service

Rental and Shuttling Fees

Daily Rental

No pickup or drop off. If you are staying at River Run Campground equipment will be dropped off at your campsite and picked up at 8 pm. Otherwise, all equipment is to be picked up and returned to our office.
$40 Canoe
$25 Kayak
$15 Tube


Must camp with River Run Campground to be shuttled ($50 minimum)
$5 per person
$15 Each piece of Equipment (canoe or kayak)

Each participant is required to sign a waiver and rental agreement with RRO prior to departing for the river trip.
Parents and legal guardians will need to sign for participating minors. Please bring your signed waivers with you.

Replacement Fees

Lost, Stolen, Damaged Equipment

Canoe $500.00
Kayak $250.00
Kayak Paddle $30.00
Canoe Paddle $15.00

Life Vest $10.00
Tube (44”) $28.00
Tube (38”) $24.00

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